I loved swimming, being out on a boat and above all-else: I loved to fish. Clearwater II Reel You can use the Orvis Clearwater in the majority of environments, rivers, and lakes. A reverse full wells grip would suit the rod much better and increase the connection between the angler and the rod. But, at prices anywhere from $99 all the way beyond $5000 it’s hard to know where to start. The best thing I found about the Clearwater is the price. Full wells grip Thread starter yikes; Start date May 3, 2019; Y. yikes Well-known member. Price: $198. Clearwater for the tiny streams and pretty, little trout with parr marks. Here, you’ll find our reviews of the top competitors of the Orvis Clearwater. Ideal as a gift for an amateur fly fisher who hasn’t got their own gear yet, or just to treat yourself so you can explore your new hobby more deeply. The rod is stiff enough that it really needs at least 25 feet of line out to properly load it. I love the 6 ft., 1 wt. For a roundup of the best beginner fly rods check out our article here. Otherwise on with the show…. Add the stellar Clearwater II reel and line, and I don’t see a better outfit available for less than $350. Of course, at its price range, it’s not built in the US. Wild Water Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo: Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit 905-4 – 5wt 9ft…, If even the Clearwater is too much for your budget, this could the rod for you, Has a high quality hard case, making it perfect for traveling with, The fly reel is made from composite plastic, which feels cheaper and isn’t as strong as the Orvis fly reels, The moderate action allows even a novice angler to cast well without scaring off the fish, It seems that the tip is prone to breaking off on the Temple Fork NXT, though the company do provide a repair service, The fly line included is slightly lower quality, so you might want to upgrade this yourself, Produced by a US-based company, with US customer service support available if needed, Cheaper components on this product mean that breakages are more common, from the reel to the rod tip, Doesn’t allow for precise casting compared to professional rods, A good set if you’re looking to get started with fly fishing on a tight budget. Whatever conditions you use your Clearwater rod in, it should more than stand up to the challenge. Orvis Clearwater, 9-foot, 5-weight ($198)This past spring, while we were rigging up to fish Rock Creek, I asked Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis about the Clearwater series. Fly Rod Review: The Orvis Clearwater Trout Spey Trout Spey isn’t anything new. See the video below from Tom Rosenbauer (30+ years at Orvis and host of the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast) who explains the series in its entirety. The total at my local shop would be over my budget. Orvis packs a Rulon disc drag into a die-cast large-arbor affair that’s damn near bombproof. The increased performance and the precision you can achieve will make all the difference in your fly fishing abilities and enjoyment. Firstly, think about what kind of fish you will be catching most often. Required fields are marked *. With a cool, understated dark grey colour and olive guide wraps, the new Clearwater rods really do look like premium rods. This starter set by Wild Water really does have everything you need to get going with fly fishing. My sense is that the Clearwater has benefited from a couple more years of Orvis' product design and development - that is, Orvis seems to have looked into what makes a better specifically tightline nymphing rod in the two years since the Recon was released, and applied that newer knowledge and experience to the Clearwater. Your email address will not be published. They simply did a great job upgrading that rod and it was totally … If you’re shopping for a great budget starter set, the Wild Water Reel and Rod Combo might suit you perfectly, so check it out! In-close performance The Orvis Clearwater fly rod series is designed to last. Orvis Clearwater Outfit Review: The Verdict All-in-all, the Orvis Clearwater Rod and Reel Outfit delivers quality and fishability well above its midrange price point, making the … There are a number of rods in the Clearwater series, one for just about every type of fly fishing there is. Take that for what its worth. Tight lines everyone! With the Clearwater rod, you’ll be all set to throw out a range of different flies and reach your targets with precision. Fly rods are tools. It’s a fantastic all-around rod, but really excels in that 25-50 foot casting range. It features a powerful Rulon-to-stainless inline drag system, which will immediately stop even the … This affordable fly fishing outfit comes in just slightly under the price of the Orvis Clearwater, at around $150. Rosenbauer says anglers are split fairly evenly on wanting a hook keep on their trout rods, which is why Orvis opted to remove it from the H3 and the updated Clearwater. It’s built with Helios tapers, a nickel cast aluminium reel, chrome snake guides, and a strong inline drag system. The reel has surprisingly smooth pickup, easily adjusts mid-fight, and is above and beyond the value I’d expect from a combo kit reel. He’s the founder and editor of Spencer Durrant Outdoors. Certain parts of the Crosswater are made from plastic, including the fly reel, unlike the Orvis fly reels. To sum up this Orvis Clearwater review, we strongly believe that it is the best beginner fly rod for the money on the market right now. As an Amazon Associate Fly Fisher Pro can earn a commission from qualifying purchases. That allows the … The reel is good quality, and the whole rod is easy to use, so ideal for those just getting the hang of fly fishing for trout. Let’s get this out of the way at the beginning: The Orvis Clearwater … Since it’s a higher-end entry-level rod, it’s not going to be spectacular at one … And at less than $100, you’ll be ready to get started. Really, really liked. Orvis Clearwater Reel Review; Orvis Hydros Reel Review; Orvis Mirage Review; Redington Behemoth Review; Redington Rise Review; Redington Zero Review; Ross Animas Review; Sage Spectrum Reel Review; Construction. Phew! The cork handle has been improved, and is comfortable to hold for long periods of time. But it handles smaller flies just delicately enough to make those moments of finesse possible. It’s a great rod to start out with, but it’s not just for beginner anglers either. Orvis CLEARWATER 8’6” #4 $198.00. Rarely, though, you’ll luck into one hell of a great tool. Then I have become old and mobility is challenging. Orvis sends the Clearwater outfit with a matching Clearwater II reel and WF line. Whether you’re looking for a 5 weight fly rod, a 7 weight fly rod or something else, Orvis have created a great range that is truly versatile and a joy to use. Whether you’re casting small dry flies or heavy double nymph rigs, Orvis fly rods are versatile enough to function well and take you from being a novice fly fisher to the next level. This Clearwater feels on the lighter side while casting, and the nice thin grip is comfortable to hold for long … Messages 36 Reaction score 0 Location MI. The OrvisClearwater fly rods have been remodelled, and now they have a modern yet classic look to them. I had a guy at an Orvis shop tell me the newer Clearwater rods were superb and only a hair less quality than the recon. Let’s look. Redington Fly Fishing Combo Kit 590-4 Crosswater…, Wild Water Fly Fishing 9 Foot, 4-Piece, 5/6 Weight…, All in a handsome rod and reel travel case, Loaded with weight forward floating line, backing and leader, 32” hard tube case with, reel pouch and side storage pouch with zipper, Orvis Clearwater Fly Rod Outfit | 9’0″ 5WT, Hey, I'm Ben, a fly fisherman for over 20 years and also an aspiring blogger. You’d be much better off skipping the flimsy and less accurate basic rods and buying this! A good fly rod is something you’ll likely have for a lifetime. It’s a medium-fast rod that’s more crisp than relaxed, with a forgiving action new and novice casters will appreciate. They are nice and work well. A buddy and I took turns fishing some size 14 parachute BWOs on 6x tippet in a snowstorm, and the tippet never broke on either of us. Quite simply, a fly rod outfit already has the fly rod, reel and line ready loaded for you. I’ve always looked... I’m a firm believer that experience and knowledge play key roles in our angling success. A new … It’s a fast enough rod that novice casters will like it, but the Clearwater has a soft tip to protect lighter tippet. Orvis really nailed it here and produced a really versatile, fun rod. Imagine for a moment a fly rod that casts like a high priced rod, is light weight, has a nice line feel, is beautiful to look at and won’t break your wallet to purchase. Massive mangrove restoration projects aims to speed Bahamas recovery, Within moments of taking office, Trump pledges to roll back measures of paramount importance to anglers, ASMFC Votes in First Ever Atlantic Menhaden Protections, Review: Orvis Clearwater 11-weight 9'4" fly rod, Two more 2021 Fly Fishing Show destinations cancelled. Clearwater II 9 ft, 6 wt, 4 pc Reviewed. … I picked up the 5 wt. Whether you’re a beginner or need a backup rod in case of a car door slam disaster. The Clearwater series of fly rods are accurate, with an impressive performance, lots of feel, and flawless balance. As a skinny child who struggled with heavy Phillipson cane rods, I learned from Enos Bradner and Ken and George McLeod, of Stillaguamish fame when there were fish in the river...but not know. The top-of-the-line Orvis, Sage, Winston, Thomas & Thomas, and Scott rods are the Milwaukee or DeWalt of fly fishing, while picking up an entry-level rod is akin to taking the Harbor Freight gamble. It handles dry flies well, throws streamers just fine, and does its job as a nymph stick. It seems like the Orvis Clearwater rods are pretty popular all round. checked out the Clearwater and also the Access ( 9' 8w ) and do the same fishing as you do .Spoke w/ Orvis last night and some other sellers all agree 9', 8w going today to an Orvis … Orvis Clearwater 12’ 5-weight $349.00. The reel is phenomenal, but I do appreciate that Orvis didn’t overweight the line too much. Orvis' purpose-built pike and musky specialist is a shockingly good value. This is my only knock against the H3 line of rods, and when the Recon gets its update as the Clearwater did, I assume this feature will disappear as well. I use the Battenkill reels and I do like hook-keepers but I am archaic...like Edward Ringwood Hewitt and Sparse Grey Hackle and Roy Ovington and Ray Bergman of TROUT. You’ll need to consider the fly rod action, the line weight, and the rod length. It’s not. The Clearwater does, however, come with the standard Orvis 25-year guarantee. I cannot take 22 hour flights to Patagonia because of risk of blood clots on long flights...and significant expense aunque hablo el hermoso y melodioso idioma castellano y los guías de pesca allí me son pacientes y han llegado a ser mis amigos de pluma, pues, de escritos electrónicos. Bear in mind this is all relative since the Clearwater is a $198 rod, but its build quality is impressive. The reel seat is sturdy, while the graphite insert is strong and requires little maintenance. For many years, anglers have used light Spey rods to cover big water for trout all over the world. It’s normally a grip style I like, and it’s one most production rods seem to be gravitating towards of late. But now it is gone. 5. Because it has a nice mixture of … I didn’t think I’d find a $200 rod that I liked better than the Fenwick Aetos, but Orvis put together another fantastic product here. Such is the Orvis Clearwater … by Spencer Durrant - Thursday, Apr 18th, 2019. Die-hard fly fishers embrace... Commercial fishing interests and even recreational anglers often bemoan the political creation of Marine Protected Areas around the globe, but the science suggests these... Rubber boots were a daily wear item back when I owned a farm and have been a vital piece of equipment for a lot of my hunting, fishing, and exploring. But what specifically makes the Clearwater such a standout piece of gear? Now, don’t mistake the Clearwater as a specialist dry-fly rod. The quality of the cork is superior to earlier models and has a smooth, clean finish. I personally like them, and it drives me nuts when I reach for the hook keep and it’s not there. The Clearwater … However, in this review, we will focus on the best general purpose fly rod for trout fishing. The Orvis fly reel is excellent quality, too, so no need to upgrade like with some fly combos. It’s easy to develop and become a successful angler when you have the right equipment. Today’s topic is: Orvis clearwater review! The build quality is better than what I’d expect on an entry-level rod. May 3, 2019 #1 I had an opportunity a few days ago to try a side-by-side casting comparison between the new version of the Orvis Clearwater … However, the 8 … The 2021 Fly Fishing Film Tour (F3T) kicked off this week with the release of its compilation "stoke reel," online ticket sales, and more. Here are some raving reviews I found after scouring the Internet: It is a good rod up close and out to about 60' and it roll casts real good. Choose a 5 weight fly rod or a 7 weight fly rod if you’re looking for a versatile fishing tool. Then there were none left in our iconic rivers and I moved to creeks for small trout, barbless hooks with high-viz flies that I could see. In contrast, shorter rods are better for precision and short casts in small streams. This is a standard do-it-all 5wt, make no mistake – but it’s no H3. Only then did I realize how nice those rods are. I started flyfisherpro.com to help introduce as many people into this amazing sport. Messages 2,190 Reaction score 144 Location So Cal. Your email address will not be published. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Delicate-enough presentation We also have a review of the Orvis Helios 3 if you’re looking for a more premium fly rod. The Clearwater is a fun, affordable, blue-collar fly rod that has its place in the quiver of new and old anglers alike. Thoughts on orvis clearwater? Photo: Tom Hazelton. Often, a Harbor Freight special gets the job done, but not as well – or as enjoyably – as something more expensive. Orvis Clearwater Review To wrap up the review part of this article I just want to say that the Orvis Clearwater Combo really is unmatched as far as being the best fly fishing combo … The Clearwater gear is top quality, durable and strong. You’ll find that the line control is very precise when you start casting out flies, perfect for catching those wily river trout. Orvis is truly clinging to their old identity when they were the only player in town. The Clearwater Waders have totally revolutionized wader fit and function. This Redington product has good action, feel, and balance, and could be a good budget option as a starter rod. And then there’s that amazing Orvis rod repair guarantee which gives you peace of mind, no matter how much you use your rod. The 9’5wt Clearwater outfit is that tool. Orvis sends the Clearwater outfit with a matching Clearwater II reel and WF line. The Clearwater does just about everything well, but it’s not a great rod for fishing inside of 25 feet. Tom Rosenbauer, marketing director and fly fishing guru for Orvis, told me he thinks hook keeps are “archaic.”. The reel is phenomenal, but I do appreciate that Orvis didn’t overweight the line too much. In this Orvis clearwater review, we are going to share the minute details of Fly rod and reel. Review: Orvis Clearwater 11-weight 9'4" fly rod. As well as offering all of the above features for a more than reasonable price, the Clearwater series also comes with a 25 year warranty from Orvis, providing you with the best … You could invest in a fly rod combo outfit, like the Orvis Clearview Fly Combo Outfit. We like to pick out the good and the bad factors for our reviews, so you can quickly see if it’s the right product for you: Let’s dig in deep now in this Orvis Clearview review and explore the features and benefits that the Orvis fly reel, rod and line outfit combo brings. You’ll be able to handle everything from perch, bass, and trout right up to catfish, for a nice haul to take home at the end of the day. The Clearwater isn’t terribly light, but it feels good in the hand. That’s the tradeoff made, though, for stellar performance at other distances, while keeping the rod in I-don’t-have-to-hide-this-purchase-from-my-significant-other territory. With a moderate action, the Clearwater beautifully captures that midpoint between precision and power. Orvis opted to give it an H3-themed sticker above the cork, alongside dark gray thread wraps holding chrome snake guides in place. Top to bottom, Orvis’ offerings outdo or match even the fiercest competition, and the updated Orvis Clearwater is perhaps the best example of this resurgence. At such a reasonable price, anyone can become an avid fly fisher without making a dent in their savings. The 9’5wt Orvis Clearwater deserves an article’s worth of accolades, but if nothing else this rod proves a surprising truth: Orvis has, for the moment, lept to the front of the pack in the arms race that is manufacturing fly fishing tackle. I’m not sure if adding one on your own voids the warranty, though I suppose that’s always an option. Line Recommendation: Scientific Anglers GPX (Rio Gold worked well for some casters, too) 88 points. Posted on July 13, 2017 July 13, 2017 by Max Wilson. But when you invest in a Clearwater rod, you’ll see a huge gulf between the quality and performance of these very basic rods and the Clearwater. I've been into fly fishing since my graduation from spin fishing when I was 12 years old. At 12 feet long, the Clearwater … This is the go to for clueless old men who had no other options, wanted to show off for their old friends and … According to the 90th Psalm, I should have died a few years ago, but my mother used to say: ''you will be late to your own funeral service!¨ Thanks for reading. Even when you reach 60 ft, the accuracy is impressive and consistent. I was shocked and really bummed it … That allows the rod to load well at medium distances, but still maintain enough delicacy to lay down smaller dries to wary trout. I’m not sure if I’m more impressed with the Clearwater rod or reel. It casts well and can reach most distances, but it may be less durable than the Clearwater. You’d be much better off skipping the flimsy and less … This year marks the 15th... Orvis' new entry-level rod and reel outfit is a clear winner, Review: Orvis Clearwater fly rod and reel, New 2016 fly fishing gear: Standout rods and reels, The Greenbacks: Changing the World of Conservation, The Pebble Fight Isn't Over and Tomorrow is Your Last Chance to Speak Up. The reel seat complements the look of the blank, for a simple but attractive rod. Reviewed in the United States on June 5, 2016 Purchased this Clearwater 8wt rod real combo through Orvis. The Orvis Clearwater series provides you with the best quality fly rod for the price. But there is another way around this. The Clearview rod has had a complete redesign recently, bringing it up to date with the latest technology to match the best entry-level rods out there right now. If you manage to damage or break your rod somehow, you can send it back to them and Orvis will fix your rod, with no charge! In this price range, you won’t find anything that combines the same  excellent quality, performance and durability of the Clearwater series for this affordable price. We have reviews of many other Orvis Rods that may suit your skill level such as as the  Orvis Recon, Superfine Carbon, Superfine Glass or the Orvis Encounter reviews. The Orvis Clearwater series is one of the top fishing rods for the entry-level and the early-medium level anglers. If you’re looking to become more precise and skilled in your fly fishing, the Orvis rods will give you the ability to do just that, very quickly. There’s plenty to think about before you invest in a fly rod to make sure you get the right gear for your individual needs. Whether you want to try a new aspect of fly fishing or you’re itching to give saltwater fishing a go for the first time, you can do it without breaking the bank with the Clearwater rod. #22. From the colour scheme to the components and the new lighter weight, everything has been updated. This will help determine the fly line weight you need, and also the required fly rod weight and the fly reel. The main letdown is the fly line – you’ll probably want to replace the provided fly line with a better quality line sooner or later. Thanks for reading. Clearwater to recast for my son and it was like butter- really nice feel. I have three of the Clearwater rods. You’ll find included a 9′ 5/6 weight rod, as well as line, backing, and leader, large arbor reel, rod sock, rod case, and even the flies and fly box. by Tom Hazelton - Friday, Nov 8th, 2019. Europeans first set foot in South America sometime in the late 15th century, but it wasn’t until 1870 that Kaieteur Falls in Guyana were documented by non-native explorers... On December 6, 1960, President Eisenhower’s Secretary of the Interior created the Arctic National Wildlife Range, protecting nearly 14,000 square miles of the far... Limestone streams, spring creeks, and tailwaters can offer year-round fishing opportunities even in the coldest regions of the country. Model: Clearwater & Encounter II A backcountry fly-fishing setup should be low in bulk and weight for easy packability, and this system delivers at a wallet-friendly price. You'll get great customer support from Orvis online and on the phone if needed, You could potentially get a cheaper price if you buy all the parts separately - if you're willing to spend the time and effort shopping around, and then load the reel yourself too, Some anglers think that the Clearwater rods are slightly too stiff. Connect with him on Twitter/Instagram, @Spencer_Durrant. Do Marine Protected Areas make a difference? This generous Orvis rod repair guarantee is a real bonus. Starting at $198, the Orvis Clearview fly fishing rods are not much more than the beginner rods on the market. With this rod, you can take your fly casting skills to new levels with minimal work. Take a closer look at the Redington Crosswater here! I've been looking at upgrading, and after getting advice to go with a TFO and a lamson rod..which i really like. Then it came to pass that I fished longer hours for fewer and smaller trout. Orvis Clearwater vs. Moonshine Drifter. In our rod review, the Clearview rod performed well across all distances, from 20 ft – 60 ft. The Temple Fork NXT is another strong beginner fly rod outfit which will kit you out, ready to hit the water for a great fly fishing experience. Aug 21, 2019 #6 How does your BVK compare with the Orvis … Orvis Clearwater . The rod retails for $198; if you get the Clearwater reel and line with it, you’re looking at $311 for an outfit that’s ready-to-fish straight out of the box. The Orvis Clearwater is a must-cast for the angler looking for a new rod at a great price Moonshine Rod Drifter Series Moonshine Rod Company is a new-comer to the block that initially they caught our attention because of their great price and rock-solid reviews. Weight: 3.25 oz. The cork isn’t top-drawer stuff by any means, but it’s better than what I’ve seen on most budget-friendly rods of late. Orvis Clearwater Review Features & Specs Versatility is the name of the game for the Clearwater. The Clearwater reel included in this Orvis outfit is a made of cast aluminum. Lower quality materials have been used, so it’s worth upgrading the line. Ted Trueblood and I wrote letters to each other. Great quality rig for the price. There's an Orvis travel protective case included, making it easy to transport your rod with you to the best fishing spots! I had a rod I really liked. I loved being on a boat, … Blank snapped on within the first ten casts.