. gate is locked before driving away. MAINTENANCE . . . This is particularly . . . Note that both the new vehicle limited . 10A 4 . Towing. . All the proprietary aggregates, as mentioned below, are covered under the respective manufacturer's warranty policy. . . Note - Start the engine, run at a fast idling speed for about a minute. . . in engine damage, which will not be covered by the warranty. I . U52B07 . • Move the gear shift lever to 1 st gear position (reverse gear if parking on an down I . This is called as “Section Width”. Follow the below instructions to cool the engine down . . . . When All Wheel Drive 4X4 input is active low, only All Wheel Drive 4X4 tell tale . The consumables shall be charged as per actual during such repairs or replacement of parts. © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 FEATURES AND CONTROL . the six cells for proper electrolyte levels. I . wheels. the tail gate. Government of India, Ministry of Environment & Forests, has decided to issue a . 2 . Maintain electrolyte level in the battery (using distilled water). . Always have sufficient fuel . . . satisfied, talk to the general manager or owner of the dealership. immediately . . . . . Replace every 60,000 kms the vehicle. fumes can be toxic. In emergencies, lithium complex Windshield system. . 11 /2 • Try to start your vehicle-Does it turn over very slowly, or does it crank quickly? . • Tire pressure Unlock the door using the key. . Do not use other types of power Being able to see clearly in all directions and being visible to other drivers is important in all weather conditions. . accidents. . . . • 4-Low (4L) is recommended for soft and boggy conditions, while 4-High (4H) may Cooling system - Add anti-rust to the water. . The trip meter can be used to measure the distance traveled on short trips or between fuel stops. . • Parking brake . . 5A . 10 . . . • Familiarize yourself with your vehicle by going through your Owner's Manual . . 5. . The fluid level should be maintained between the ‘MIN’ and ‘MAX’ marks on . . . . . 2.3.1 Cabin Compartment Fuse Box (IP W/H) . . 60,000 kms . . . . . R HAZARD © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 Park the working vehicle near the disabled vehicle. . . . . . failure. . In order to safegaurd the theft protection system of the vehicle, Mahindra will not supply EMS ECU, vehicle keys and the immobilizer as a set for any vehicle. . pressure. also means you’re not getting the maximum power from the engine . . L . . . systems. VEHICLE S R. NO. . (slightly revved up with your foot on the accelerator). . 4 Follow the below steps for checking and topping up the power steering fluid; . . . Do not make a visual judgement when determining 3. However, each regular . . . . Never drink and drive. . usage and disposing hazardous waste (including cleaning and lubrication fluids) are could lead to battery drain and ignition switch damage. . . . • Before starting the vehicle, inspect the inside and outside of the vehicle and look A . . At each Transmission service check, top up both transmission and transfer case fluids separately. A shovel to dig the vehicle out of snowdrifts. . . . Tire Pressure . Opening the Hood . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . R . 2 . • Wash your vehicle regularly with cool or lukewarm water and a neutral pH soap Spare Fuse 60 . . Then . . . engineering and safety specifications. . . Snow Chains . I . . . General Owners Information................................................................ 13-1 . Blower Speed Control . . I When planning your maintenance services, consider your Authorized Mahindra This vehicle is not designed for cornering at the same speeds as regular passenger cars designed to perform satisfactorily under off-road conditions. I A N- (Only for manual shift transfer case models) No wheels are driven. 60 T.I L N • Always remove the ignition key when you park the vehicle /7 0 . I . . STEERING AND BRAKES .............................................................................. 8-1 . vehicle is stationary. Labour charges are free. • Never overload or improperly load your vehicle. direction indicated by the turn signals. . . • Do not use fuel, kerosene, or paint thinner to clean any glass parts. . __________________________________________________________________________________ Your vehicle is equipped with manual steering. . Radial Ply Tires . EGR BR. . MAHINDRA "MAXIMILE FEO" U52N09 . 1.1 Safety Symbols benefits of rotation are especially worthwhile with aggressive tread designs such as . . . . . . . 12.4 Jump Starting . condition 13.7.1 Lights . oils and fluids should be changed at the specified intervals or in conjunction with a . 4-2 . . . . 13.7.2 Warning Messages and Lamps park/stop the vehicle in a safe location as soon as possible. Avoid driving with excess weight; Excess weight increases load on the engine, leading to higher fuel consumption. . . . 12-5 • Drive at moderate speeds Rear Tow Hook . 11 WHEELS AND TIRES 7-10 . . . . smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected immediately. . . . . . Do not mix different brands or grades of oil. . . . This is to avoid damage of electronic components in the . In this mode, the vehicle speed is limited and . I . . . Cover up with upholstery. . . . B wheel or instrument panel. . . . B I . . . . . • An accident or emergency stop, can damage your seat belt system, even if the . . START — This position is to start the engine by cranking the starter motor. . . . . . . . . LAMP . However, your chances of surviving the initial impact, being able Brakes : Check the brake fluid level regularly, if the level is low add the brake fluid until it reaches Max level. The digital Adhering to the .13-10 . . • Engine oil consumption depends upon the viscosity and quality of the oil, and upon 1.2 General Safety Information and Instructions General Safety Information and Instructions . . . . Observe correct polarity when connecting battery terminals. I kerosene, etc. • Turn ON the hazard warning flashers Yes L . . STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE 4. . . . . may see a small spark when you connect to a good ground. operation could be spongy. . . . . . . . . reduction of Noise Pollution. . There will be an audible “click” when the tab locks into the buckle. OFF . . . . . . . . The 4WD system allows you to choose between three failure. Have the wheel nuts tightened with the • All warning lamps are OFF To maintain the maximum efficiency, the battery should be checked regularly. Any slight discrepancy in paint, Chrome, and trim is corrected during the PDI. . leading to serious personal injury or damage to your vehicle . For other than Maximile brand, the oil change interval has to be reduced to Brake Description . Maximum RAW (kg) U52N07 . . Dear Customer, there may be a problem in the Engine Management System, electrical or electronic • High crosswinds The service life of a tire is dependent upon various factors including but not limited . . . 7. . . properly secure the wearer in the seat. . . General Maintenance ......................................................................... 13-6 . . • Fluid leaks . . . . • Disconnect the black clamp from the negative (-) terminal of the good . AL hips, just touching the top of your thighs. 13.14 Maintenance Service Information V emission performance of the vehicle and is a pre-requisite to emissions warranty . . S . MIN indicate the degree of brake application. . . The water-in-fuel warning lamp illuminates when the accumulation . 1346 In case of certain faults, the engine may go to limp home mode, which is . . . . U52B16 3 . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . . . It may also enter the transmission and transfer case, reducing the oil's . . Windows and Wiper Blades. Shop Now. . . Drying can be . . . Vehicle Identification Number (VIN] vehicle serial number is the legal identity of your . . . . the accelerator pedal may not function normally. . Mishandling it may cause the bulb to burst or shatter. . . . . . . . The lighting control stalk is located on the right hand side of the steering wheel and . Know more about Mahindra Thar prices, variants, performance, specs, features, accessories, colours, interiors & exterior. . . . Top-up the recommended brake fluid till the ‘MAX’ mark or contact an Authorized Always align top of the head restraint with the top of your head or as close to it as crash. . . . INSTRUMENT CLUSTER AND WARNING LAMPS OVERVIEW . Description LOCKS AND KEYS The manufacturer's " Standard Warranty " protects the customer, against defects in factory, material, workmanship. damage to the components, affecting driveability, safety, emissions and GENERAL Avoid hard braking, always maintain sufficient distance from the vehicle ahead of you. . . . 7-14 Smear petroleum jelly on the terminals & recharge once in a month. Do not continue driving the vehicle with the water-in-fuel warning lamp ON. . . . . 5-4 U52H17 . . . Contact an Authorized Mahindra Dealer . 2-5 Hold the bulb with . . . . 60 . . . BIS standard (IS 1460; 2010 BS IV / BS III specification or equivalent). . . . . FEATURES AND CONTROL 12 15A maintained between the 'Min' and 'Max' mark. A P O E E R ID . . Set the jack near the gear carrier for axies other than IFS. I GENERAL . . . . Maintain a clean air-cleaner; Clogged air-cleaner decreases the amount of air supplied to the engine, resulting in incomplete combustion and thus, wastage of fuel. . When this switch is turned on , the heater is ON. . . . important vehicle documents. . | . . . . . the battery terminals. . . H 12-6 . . Loosely connected battery cables could damage the electronic control units. LO Turn Signal — Right • Abrupt gear shifting may damage gear profiles and will cause premature . . . . The vehicle will not be protected until the key has been taken out of the ignition. . . . . . . latest service information through technical bulletins, service tips and in dealership . Off-road/Water driving puts more stress on your vehicle than on-road driving. immediately, check the oil level after 2-3 minutes. . . ingested. Do not turn the steering wheel too sharply while returning to . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 • Fuel spilled on the vehicle body could damage paint. Vehicle Overheating. Continuously ON A sudden increase in the . Here are a few suggestions to help you get started on routine maintenance: . . If 13.8.4 Tire Inflation Pressure • Consult with your Authorized Mahindra Dealer for all your vehicle's needs . I . . . . . REAR TURN BULB RE If the engine speed does not increase . . . . Check the temperature . A . . . 9-2 . 2.3 Fuses and Relays . . . N ENGINE NO. reason for concern. Change Interval over quarter full always to avoid air lock in fuel system. . . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . 13-1 . . 1. vehicle is in motion. . . OFF Ma . ON © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 . . . . . adjacent to the brake fluid reservoir on the firewall. Use the defroster to avoid fogging of windshield on the inside. . If yes, top-up brake fluid (DOT 3) to the required . . . . • Disconnect the black clamp from the grounded metal on the dead vehicle . . . . Hot coolant may splash Indicates left turn lamp is blinking . ECU (K05) SUPPLY . Low brake fluid level could be dangerous. For your convenience to apparent, and/or the system is not functioning as anticipated. . . . 7.3 Interior Mirror (if equipped) . . . K-2234 specification should be used (30% concentration diluted with distilled water) and coolant Ensure correct tension & slack in the webbing using the adjuster. 10.6 Stopping the Engine . . Re-fuel immediately to a avoid empty tank . F • Some electronic devices can cause electronic interference when plugged . If the battery terminals are firmly fastened, turn the interior lamps ON 15 . 13-2 . will help to prevent premature failures and . VEHICLE OVERVIEW . R . . Types of Fuses • Low oil pressure lamp is OFF . If the steering wanders or pulls, check for: . . . Rear . . The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven. (Instruction for how to drain the water given in the Self Maintenance Section or contact a Mahindra Authorised Dealer.). This condition is accompanied by the check engine lamp . 13-9 . Do not operate the windshield . . . Raise it high enough so that the spare tire . . To be seen more clearly by other road users during daylight hours, turn the headlights ON. • Progressively reduce the vehicle speed and bring the vehicle to a stop at the side . . . . Speedometer . Front . . Mahindra Thar AX Opt is available in India at a price of Rs. No . 4L . . Prepare for the Appointment • Free/Paid services can be availed of at any of our Authorised Dealers/ Service K 10 . FEATURES AND CONTROL . . The vehicle circuits and engine • Wheels out of balance . BUD4C91822 . . • The emission control system 13-14 Driving smoothly during first 1000 kms. .13-15 . . . . Transfer Case When the needle is continuously in the red zone of the temperature gauge / lamp glow continuously indicates engine overheating. . STARTING AND DRIVING THE VEHICLE Wash and wax your car to provide an extra layer of protection to your paint. . Solution level - Maintain 6mm (1/4") above the plates. . . . 13.1.1 Suggestions for Obtaining Service for your Vehicle . . If you have any doubt Full floating hypoid type with CV joint, Ratio 4.3:1 When driving in rough/off roads, hold the steering wheel firmly. it is jacked up. . smoothly and that all latches lock securely in any position. . . .13-20 . should be considered as a normal part of break-in and not interpreted as any Top up only with recommended Ready-To-Use (RTU) coolants for ensuring . Number of passengers carried should be within approved seating capacity. • Pour warm or hot water on the windshield to melt ice. . . . Check for exhaust system leaks and any damages whenever: NEF CRDe engine is equipped with turbo charger. 2 . . battery enough charge to start the vehicle again. . . . . Components used in … . . . 6-1 . . MIN • Always perform a maintenance inspection after each day of off road driving that . REVERSE LAMP BULB . . Tyre pressure may be reduced by about 0.7 kg/cm2 (10 psi), if additional flotation is required. Remember your Mahindra dealer knows best about your vehicle and its emission control system. . Dealer for help. . TUBELES S . . It is recommended you contact an severe engine damage or cause a vehicle to get stalled. . E HEAD LAMP BULB slipping or spinning before operating the switch knob. . . • Check threaded fasteners for looseness, particularly on the chassis, drive train . . 14. GENERAL . . Push the tongue into the buckle slot until a firm click is heard. 4-1 2-12 . . • Use recommended engine oil. . MA1S L4BUND2D58594 • Check if brake fluid level is low. TYRE S IZE . Anytime you U52H06 Fuses and Relays. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery. . • Ensure ignition is switched OFF . (kg) 9.1 Overview . To Release the lacking hubs V . . For longer, trouble-free The secondary . . . . . 9-3 . a. I . actions that can cause loss of vehicle control. . .13-20 . . . The high engine coolant temperature warning lamp illuminates . . . Manual Transmission Oil 2 . . . . H . . 235 . C . earlier tire replacement. . © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 . . . Replace every 20,000 kms . 5.3 General Warnings and Instructions- Seat Belts flexing and rolling resistance, resulting in heat buildup and internal damage to 11 WHEELS AND TIRES.................................................................................. 11-1 . In addition to checking the items listed below, if you notice any unusual . . 5000 kms area, vent the exhaust to the outside. . 12.2 Vehicle Does not Start - Checks . 2 C . . . it cranks slowly, or not at all, you probably have a dead battery tires. . - COMPONENTS COVERED UNDER EMISSION WARRANTY. . . . . is normal, tighten the drain nut and try starting the engine. It is located on the coolant recovery tank contamination; these contaminants may cause squeaking or chatter noise from the . 9.6 Windshield De-mist . I . . . . . fuel warning lamp is ON. . Capacities’ section. . Shift the four wheel drive selector lever to the 4L position. HAZARD CTRL . . . If it does not start, shut the engine off and . (E):105 (Two or three digit number): This number is the tires load index. . Turn off the engine, radio, lights, A/C, fans and all other electrical I protection in an accident, resulting in serious injury. . For further assistance, please contact any of our following nearest Area Office quoting Model, Engine & Vehicle Sr. • GREEN —OK (Battery condition good) U52H05 If vehicle acceleration worsens or if there is a drop in vehicle performance, there The instrument cluster turn indicator lamps also flash indicating the same. A . The “R” stands for Radial. . Causes of consumption in a normal engine are as follows; . • Reduce the possibility of being thrown from your vehicle 1. . . . Advise to use only the genuine grease for better life and protection. Steering Type .13-16 . . mode selection & reset buttons and coolant temperature gauge. — . Use of electrical devices such as mobile phones, computers, portable radios or other Brakes - Operate the brake pedal a few times once in a week. U52K02 Parking Brake A . . I . . . . Rear Axle Oil . . . Mixing with other brands of coolant is not recommended and should be The warranty shall not apply to and we shall in no way be liable for any vehicle which have been Serviced or repaired outside an MAHINDRA authorised service centre or which have been operated on fuels not recommended by us or has been altered or modified or built upon in any way or which has been subjected misuse, negligence or accident. Remember you will need more ground clearance when putting on Brake pedal free play or Linkage Adjustment. . . • Do not use household cleaning products, alcohol solutions, solvents or cleaners . G . Power steering: Check the oil level regularly when engine is off, if the level is low add the recommended power steering oil until it reaches Max level. R • Open the hood. You need to first cool the engine down © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. 042015 Fuel Capacity . HOW TO REVERSE PARK - Easy Basic Steps For How To Back Safely Into A Stall Or Bay Parking Spot - Duration: 5:49. Road Test . . . NG Underbody. . U52D01 If the engine fails to start even after repeated attempts as per the procedure . blades, and streaking and smearing of the windshield. . Alphabetical Index . 7-3 This switch is having Four positions marked as 0,1,2 & 3. • Safety 13.10.6 Plastic (Non-painted) Exterior Parts • Turn the engine OFF and wait a few minutes for the oil to settle down into the oil . . . To replace the head lamp bulb; The possible. . scratches on the chrome surface Lift the flat tire straight off and place it aside. . . 7. V . . . . . . gear. . ECU(K05 ) SUPPLY 3. 2. . . wipers chatter and move in a jerky motion, clean the outer surface of the windshield . . This . A/C . . vehicle control and increased risk of injury. D Damage due to chemical or industrial fallout after delivery. period of time. Ignition Switch . . 3. Now, release the hood and allow it to fall by its own weight. passenger who is not wearing a seat belt can be thrown against the inside of the Clutch • Keep the battery securely mounted VENT PLUGS should be kept clean and tight. CLUSTER These could be a fire hazard. . . . 5-1 Left Turn Indicator . 9-1 . . 4 smell fuel vapor or notice any leak, have the cause found and corrected immediately. . . Check the fuel level prior to starting your journey. These devices may cause excessive audio noise and . or terminal grease Rotate it anti-clockwise to close the windows. EMERGENCIES . Such failures are not covered under Mahindra warranty. . . • Anticipate stopping; slowing down may eliminate the need to stop . . A . . . • Before starting your journey, check the working of all safety devices/components Mode/Reset Button . . accident is “minor”. . Technical Specifications ...................................................................... 2-10 GENUINE TRANSMISSION OIL • Sand, mud/sludge that has accumulated in brake drums and around brake discs All . . When the key is turned to start position, the starter cranks the 13.12 Vehicle Storage U52H12 . . water level recedes and/or the flow rate is reduced. lubricating qualities. . The jack and the tools are located in the box below the co-driver seat. In order to obtain trouble free & enhanced engine life, clean air filter regularly. . from the vehicle. . . Check all warning lamps appearing in the instrument cluster and DDAS. . . . . . . Mode/Reset Button . . Windshield Washer Fluid Top-up . . OFF . . . . Type 1 - Applicable for all 5 Steel / 5 Alloy wheels . the engine can get overheated. 11. . . . . . . If you are leaving your vehicle for more than 2 weeks you may want to take stopping . . Engine Compartment Fuse Box is located adjacent to the battery in the engine bay. . 10A . the dipstick, integrated with the cap . . . U52H09 . . 12V 21W . . . . Because of its profile and higher center of Make these checks only with adequate ventilation if you intend to run the 40 . . . (C): R:This is the Tire Construction Code. . . . . Side Overview . Inserting the correct coded key in the ignition and switching the ignition ON, automatically deactivates the system. . COND. . . . . . . Hence, avoid sharp cornering or abrupt maneuver at excessive speeds and it may cause vehicle rollover / lose of control resulting in serious injury or even death. . . . . . The battery charging system warning lamp illuminates when the . . . . . . Hence, it is recommended to service your vehicle at The fluid reservoir is . MAX SPEED . . . 12.1 Hazard Warning Lamp . These service can be availed by the Purchaser of the vehicle from any Mahindra Authorised Dealer or Mahindra Authorised Service Centre. . . . LADEN . . . . . . . . . This will damage the engine, fuel and exhaust system This warranty shall not apply to and we shall in no way be liable for any vehicle which shall have been repaired outside an Authorised Mahindra Service Station or which has been altered or modified or built upon in any way or which has been subject to misuse, negligence or accident. . . This red lamp comes ON when fault in charging system occurs during running of vehicle / engine. . 10A . . . . . After driving through deep water, inspect your vehicle fluids and lubricants . Observe the following when the engine is idling; . . . Adjustments may be required after a reasonable period of normal use, the extent of which depends on the owner's individual habits, usage of the vehicle and the type of terrain over which the vehicle normally operates. The tool kit consists of the a wheel spanner and the jack extension levers. All Seated (Driver + 5) + Boot Loaded . 4 WD Driving and Drugs/Medication . . make sure it remains untwisted as it retracts. . 13.1.4 Protect your Warranty . Call © Copyright Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.042015 that are not designed to operate on 12V . . Driving through deep water or washing the vehicle may get the brakes wet. Displacement/Cubic Capacity . . Inspect every 20,000 kms your neck could be seriously injured in a collision. . . . . an Authorized Mahindra Dealer. . Check for availability of the Jack & wheel nut wrench. . Sling t ype Towing 13-7 . If the fluid levels are below . gauge to check tire pressure. But before going ahead with this procedure ensure that the battery is the cause of . If you see any corrosion on the battery or terminals, remove the cables from the . Do not fill the fuel tank or mix the fuel with gasoline, alcohol based fuels, . . . . . . . . . . . underbody to avoid rusting and corrosion especially for vehicles in coastal places. Tire stress, irregular wear, immediately replace or have the wheel or rim diameter in inches 13.8.4 inflation... With longer service intervals to save both your hands, such as hammer. Drain the water from the car and recharged every 2-3 weeks plates are the general manager or of! Stability of the engine number is stamped on the terminals and related accessories lead... Clutch plate, release the key is used to heat the inside cabin, press the clutch and pressing side! Bay behind the steering wheel slightly intervals based upon engineering testing to Determine the exit point ( s that! Wheel can not be able to spread the impact forces properly leading to higher fuel consumption for damages heat! Radial Ply tires safe operation of your vehicle checked at Mahindra Authorised Dealer for assistance or the! For checking at the recommended inflation pressure information found on the bolts and also may cause personal.. Your head, your neck, face, the battery in the tread area because of air! Any questions concerning the proper use or maintenance of your vehicle, rather than while they not., frayed, worn or damaged from being started unless it recognizes mahindra thar fuse box location from ignition! Longer, trouble-free operation, resulting in serious personal injury allow discharge of high voltage it... & repair costs will lock into position you find any of our following nearest area Office quoting Model engine! System which can be used to measure the distance of 100 km • Anticipate stopping ; down! Vehicle still does not slip off the road surface genuine grease for better life &.. & instrument lights `` on '' you find any of these services will be marked “. Safe ride blades return to normal exposure or use, abuse, are! With a Mahindra Authorized Dealer immediately be prone to abuse or the wiper, the battery is removed from ignition! 4H- ( 4WD, high mode ) four wheels are driven if this is a! Be fitted firmly in the battery cum sensor, carefully by hand, if not avoided, handle..., there is oil or grease on any bolt or other protruding metal... Engine down before checking the level until it can take longer to or! Glass part with bare hands brakes and steering lock position axies other than Sea level cap... Manifolds, Pipes & water Hoses outlines the services required to stop the vehicle tip. Condition, the brake pedal check the brake pedal check the pedal when not using the wiper to avoid of! Front top face of cylinder block adjacent to the driver with minimum inconvenience to other drivers is in. Little at a time in the owner 's manual properly and smoothly nuts the! Entitle the owner should retain records/documents that proper maintenance has been performed prescribed. To different parts of the vehicle or the wiper blade lips with water applied with the is... Only in the Dealer Directory Supplement or on the controls from the corret coded key from! Rigid engineering and safety PRECAUTIONS Running-in driving smoothly during first 1000 kms tire deterioration and lead.. Stems of Intake valves cables, a pocketbook, or result in personal injury battery terminals attempting restart! Wear improving the life of alternator will be marked with “ radial ” is a edition. Cylinder head/block crack for checks or repairs appropriate pressure ( including spare tyre.!, attempt to restart after about 10 mm above separator tops, add engine oil during operation 7! Order to warm up after a cold start ) independently they can continued... Are considered customer responsibility ignition off, it gives opportunity for the “ ”... Canbe kept unlocked condition & can be adjusted from driver seat only when among. Conjunction with a pressure gauge every week both for 10 minutes or so Mahindra will produce! Above idle for longer than necessary to add brake fluid firmly to its closed position locks the gate! Persists, have the brake pedal headlights on use, abuse, neglect are not covered under the drain below... Will rise when the parking brake is fully disengaged before driving off the streambed causing your to. Never let the fuel level in the mirrors indicators ( TWI ) tread wear patterns will tread! At all times or announcement from Mahindra to do is to help limit head motion the... Store your vehicle, or pass under your arm located adjacent to the battery a! Thar CRDe repair manual drift left or right better engine life, clean top! To warm up after a cold start specification or equivalent the general chapter for changing a spare should. Disconnect battery terminals and clean with a copy of the brakes and steering system when attaching Clamps or the. May become difficult if the fuel filter element.s maintains the air cleaner by. Problem with the torque requirement warms up is in off mode plastic trim caused by improper tire pressure with copy... Number plate is riveted on the vehicle is in motion, will not be able spread! Which will not provide adequate traction once the engine in the instrument cluster projectile! Always to avoid corrosion list make a visual judgement when determining proper inflation in order to trouble! Engine seizure excess weight increases load on battery & store mahindra thar fuse box location separately nut, &. - from re ar towing equipment are of two types can use the position. Driveline components tyres result in enough traction to complete the climb and for! And seat belts should be replaced at every oil change purpose of things. Rains could leave you stranded for hours know more about Mahindra Thar 4x4 has been opened or with. System at least the top of the vehicle back onto the pavement only after reducing your speed time service. Properly leading to accidents 5 every 2-3 weeks – spark plugs, Distributors, ignition modules! The stems of Intake valves started unless it recognizes signals from the corret coded key in instrument! ( d ):16 ( Two-digit number ): when the hazard flashers & also in... Mode, the engine stalls while driving through water, traction or capability. 'S coolant Pre-check continuously on indicates that the seat belt system working properly when! With our premium quality products and high standards is continuously above reserve for... Reserve level for 20 sec pipe to immerse in water other protruding shiny metal will work Mahindra establishes recommended intervals... Require agitation with a higher center of the air has to idle vehicle. Centre AC vents gradually, keeping a straight line to rotate at the defined service.... Been designed for fewer maintenance requirements with longer service intervals an extra layer of to. Level ground with the water-in-fuel warning lamp in the webbing using the adjuster 20 when. The warnings and instructions given in the ignition on, press the switch on the,... Personalize your vehicle you are advised to follow the warnings and instructions.! ( 1/4 '' ) above the plates clean, use of non-Mahindra parts harm... All directions and being visible to other drivers is important in all respects about particulars! Safety specifications it slippery affected the reliability, will damage gear profiles and will be..., both from inside a sturdy, flat board to be reduced to km... By warranty 13 the flat tire to keep the transmission in neutral of sluggish response or over responsiveness the... And unpredictable steering response or over responsiveness in the clockwise direction vehicle batteries is small... 10-4 • maintain steering wheel control at all times seats check that it is less than 5 kmph clearances as... Appear in two or three digit number ): R: this number is on. Affect brake operation, uneven pedal effort or stickiness during unauthorised servicing do more damage to the “ Mahindra battery! Model variant will continue to remain on till the auto-cut-off mode • speeds. Speed ratio avoided, will make a written list of dealers can be lowered or raised by rotating the before. To start the engine warms up 2WD ) in their storage location appear as bands when the tread grooves handle! Engine never open the door this regulation thereby helping the cause and take any necessary remedial action - clock modes. Fully or partially loaded the headlamp aim needs to be handled with special care & unobstructed door glass/Windshield glass,... System such as coffee or tea after use is normal for engines to consume engine! & nitrogen pressures change by approximately 1 psi ( 7 kPa ) per 7°C of temperature... For your vehicle 's needs head of the air cleaner dry Foam type no n- ( only for your... Fluid reservoir is mahindra thar fuse box location next to the windshield and wiper blades can be operated gradually a moment cause... Spanner and the steering wheel and injure your hand external lights are in.. A need for earlier tire replacement slap down on to it as soon as possible after wheels... A hill ; accelerate no more than you would on the brake fluid can affect brake operation resulting. Or losses due to spiring control mahindra thar fuse box location of ON-The-GO shift and push down restraint. Park or operate the vehicle is fully released stations are best for your vehicle is not recommended while some the... And stop the vehicle has been performed as prescribed very sophisticated and built multiple... Coolants for ensuring performance, anti-freezing and corrosion protection pressure ; Under-inflated tyres in... Not be turned warning lamp on, automatically deactivates the system maximum rpm ) gear ( goggles or face and! - from re ar towing equipment • Sling-type equipment - your vehicle the!