1. Black fondant is the hardest color to make. Buy fondant online here at Stover & Company and save yourself money and time, all the while ensuring quality that you can expect from industry leading names like Satin Ice! Blush Pink Fondant. 3. White Fondant. FondX is now available pre-colored with the same great taste, consistency, and workability as FondX Virgin White. Royal Blue Fondant. There is a plastic 'seal' on the lid and the box claims for it be in a "resealable airtight container" but based on the quality of this fondant, this is surely not preserved well. Use a rolling pin to help drape the fondant over your cake. Deselect All. Ruby Red Fondant. Roll back and forth continuously to flatten the fondant. Deep Purple Fondant. Use gentle but firm pressure, and take your time to ensure evenness in the rolled fondant. It’s made predominantly of sugar, corn syrup and our special blend of natural gums that are heated and cooled to produce a dough like consistency. Remove from heat and stir in powdered sugar. Please read below for more information. As Vizyon Fondant comes in a range of 16 colours to choose from, you are sure to find the right product for your cake needs. Fondant is a type of sugar dough that can be rolled out to cover your cake for a sleek, smooth finish. Prepare the Fondant. Using white buttercream is a good rule all around unless you’re using black fondant, in which case chocolate frosting works just as well. How to color fondant without staining your hands, make every color of fondant using only 5 gel colours, color black fondant . Roll your fondant into a thick, even disk. I've covered cakes, molded small pieces and more. Voodoo Black Fondant. Sunrise Yellow Fondant. 1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin. How to Roll Out Fondant. Proudly South African. Best way to get black icing: 1) Throw out all Wilton Fondant 2) Go to nearest cake supply store or online and order a tub of in Black. Well color no more! Begin by sifting the icing sugar (all but 1 heaped tablespoon) into a large bowl and making a well in the centre. Fondant Icing Leaf Green Fondant. Wilton Decorator Preferred Red Fondant, 24 oz. Our Decorator Preferred fondant comes in a wide variety of colors, flavors and sizes to best suit your needs; however, you can certainly make your own using our easy Rolled Marshmallow Fondant recipe (just keep in mind that homemade fondant won’t have as much stretch and elasticity as store-bought fondant). Voodoo Black Fondant. Substitute large marshmallow: To substitute large marshmallows, use a 16 oz. Rolled fondant is a sweet icing that is rolled out with a rolling pin, draped over the cake, and smoothed with the hands. Its very easy to knead, rolls out to an 1/8" and it is the most forgiving fondant to use. It’s made predominantly of sugar, corn syrup and our special blend of natural gums that are heated and cooled to produce a dough like consistency. 87 It can also easily be firmed up and made into a yummy gumpaste with use of CMC: Fondant Stabilizer. In large bowl, place 4 cups confectioners' sugar; make a well. After all, from the experienced cake decorator to the smallest children, everyone can enjoy the process of working with rolled fondant. bag of large marshmallows. From coloured ready to roll icing to royal icing, flavoured icing sugar, cupcake frosting, icing pens and sugarpaste, discover everything you need to decorate your next bake. You can use store-bought or homemade fondant to cover your cake. Place the pan on flame and cook for about 3 minutes or as per package instruction. The damaged fondant often has bits of icing and cake in it so reusing it can cause further issues. FONDX Rolled Fondant is the Fondant chosen by most professionals. Say goodbye to unsightly cracks! Ready-to-use black rolled fondant. Enjoy an array of colours and flavours in our vast range of icing, with top brands including Renshaw, Culpitt and Sugar and Crumbs. Add the water, a teaspoonful at a time, and stir with a wooden spoon until it is too stiff to stir any more. Satin Ice Fondant is made from a premium quality recipe allowing you to create a smooth, elegant finish perfect for custom wedding, novelty, and special-occasion desserts. Take your rolling pin and place it on your fondant ball. With its vibrant color and yummy vanilla (marshmallow middle of an oreo cookie) taste, FondX Colors are a must have for any cake designer. 1/4 cup cold water. It's pretty easy to use since this is soft enough to work with right out of the package. Satin Ice serves to seal a cake, lengthening its shelf life, and can also be used as a modeling paste to create decorative borders, flowers, figurines, drapes, and bows

It's hard to make white fondant black without making it wet. Fondant Icing; Madame Loulou Rolled Fondant 2.5lb Creativity Packs, Professional Quality, 8 Colors (Rainbow Prism Pack) Satin Ice Rolled Fondant Icing, 5 lbs; Wilton Decorator Preferred Black Fondant, 24 oz. IMPORTANT! Free Shipping on orders of $35 or more (Contiguous U.S. Satin Ice fondant icing is an essential, allergy free, cake decorating tool to make custom wedding, birthday & holidays cakes, cookies & cupcakes. Pour the lukewarm gelatin mixture into the well and stir with a wooden spoon, mixing in sugar and adding more, a … It takes too much color, kneading, and frustration to get a solid black color. Satin Ice fondant is vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, trans fat free and Kosher. Satin Ice fondant is vegan, gluten free, nut free, dairy free, trans fat free and Kosher. milkmaid42 Posted 1 Dec 2009 , 9:29pm. 67 - $13.87 $ 13 . Make a well in the center and using a wooden spoon, stir in the lukewarm gelatin mixture. Whilst you can make your own, purchasing a rollable fondant is an easy and time-saving option. Black Rolled Fondant Brand: Satin Ice 77-767 Units: 2 lb tub. Vizyon Fondant is vegan and gluten-free! Product may melt in transit. 2 pounds confectioner's sugar, sifted. Mix in sugar and add more a little at a time, until stickiness disappears. For large sheets to cover cakes and cupcakes and for cutting out decorations, you will want to roll out a sheet about 1/4 to 1/8 inch thick. Fantasia Fondant produces premium grade fondants for home bakers and celebrity chefs which resists drying, cracking, fading or turning into elephant skin.