PHYSICAL EDUCATION 2 ( RHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES ). Maintain a good standing position. Factors Affecting Folk Dances 1. Line dance styles have their roots in Merengue, Paso Doble and other famous dances. The Madison is a line dance that originated in Columbus, Ohio, and swept the nation in the late '50s and early '60s. Hop – A spring from one foot landing on the same foot in place or in any direction. Use the proper costume for the dance. To preserve for posterity, folk dances and music indigenous to the different regions of the Philippines. War dances are found among non-Christian tribes. If you’d rather teach your students a line dance – below are 2 different versions of the song Jingle Bells First up we have All Star Phys Ed TeacherChad Triolet with a dance to the Hampton the Hamster Version of Jingle Bells. Be confident strive to become a proficient dancer. PE Central presents our Media Center featuring pictures, audio and video of quality physical education. Direction—is the line of movement taken which maybe forward, backward, sideward, diagonal, upward, or a combination of those mentioned. It may take a form of a circle, square, straight line or zigzag. Maintain good posture and physical efficiency. Dance in a natural, simple and direct manner. Jive. Below are videos for popular line dances so you can practice at home before you take your moves public. Brush – Weight on one foot, hit the floor with the ball or heel of the other foot and lift that foot from the floor to any direction. PE Central's lesson plans for physical education. Anticipatory Set: Country music has long been associated with line dancing. Masiwak – To turn the hand from the wrist half-way clockwise then raise and lower wrist once or twice. Keep your weight over the balls of your feet to make you feel quicker and lighter, and place your weight even on the soles of your shoes. If you don’t want to lead a dance, this is a great little Just Dance video you can throw up on a projector or TV and follow along with your students – the moves will pop up in the bottom right hand corner to give you a heads up before you have to perform them each time. Leap – A spring from one foot landing on the other foot in any direction. Percussive—Striking and hitting: pushing and pulling. Cosmic Kids Yoga Bar—in music a vertical line across a staff dividing it into equal measures of time. Flexion--- Bending or shortening of a body part occurring at a joint. Pivot – To turn with the ball, heel or whole foot on a fixed place or point. When facing the audience, the lady is at the right side of the male. Do not make the dances too dainty and graceful like ballet. Stuck Like Glue 4-Wall Line Dance (April/May 2011) 4-12: 69,169 3/13/2018 Dance Lesson Ideas Line Dances-Original 24K Magic Stick Dance: 3-5: 27,087 1/3/2018 Dance Lesson Ideas Line Dances-Original I Like To Move It Social Connection Dance: 3-5: 13,980 11/28/2017 Dance Lesson Ideas When dancing with a partner, adapt a comfortable position for both of you; not too close and not too far. It’s also a fantastic way to work on balance, footwork, spatial awareness and so much more. Cut – To displace quickly one foot with the other. Maintain the habit of keeping feet close together unless you are taking a definite step. Pendular---- Swinging/ swaying arms forward, backward or sideward. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s one of my favorite ways to sneak in a workout when I don’t feel like working out.Second, kids love when … In a line dance a group of people dance a choreographed, repeating sequence of steps. The dancers stand in lines or rows while facing the same direction. To combat all of these issues, some PE instructors have started incorporating dance into their lessons. It maybe small as when the movement is done in one’s place; or large when movement covers a wide area as when getting away from one’s place. National dances-found throughout the islands with little or no, Occupational-depicting action of certain occupation, industry, or human, Religious or Ceremonial – performed in connection with religious, Long formation (two or more parallel lines). Jaleo – Partners turn around clockwise ( with right elbows almost touching ) or counterclockwise ( with left elbows almost touching ) using walking or any kind of dance step. Dances from the lowlands have more foreign elements those found in the uplands. To develop a graceful and rhythmic coordination of body movements that will improve posture. The Madison. Dancing ----- is a means of expressing one’s emotions through movement disciplined by rhythm. Virtual PE Streaming and Online Videos Just Dance . Some of the benefits that I thought where the most important, in the article, was the physical benefits (increased heart rate, muscular strength, endurance, agility, etc. - A Documentary on a Transformation Project in Harlem, Documentary Clips with Discussion Prompts. List All Dance Lesson Ideas. Jump – A spring on one foot or both feet landing on both feet in any direction. Economic conditions 3. Wobble. 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I put together this list of popular line dances moms should know for a few reasons. Note pattern—refers to a note or set of notes with or without rest used for a certain dance step. When I first started teaching, dance was certainly not one of my strengths. Follow directions and dance instructions as closely as possible. Bring out the best in your look. Don’t call a dance a folk dance unless steps come from traditional dances. When I was in college, I took many classes to prepare me to be a physical education teacher. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. You can even find videos on YouTube with instructions for your favorite song and dance. Hayon-hayon – To place one forearm in front and the other at he back of the waist. Even though I had a lot of fun in the class, I did not learn much about “how” to teach a dance PE unit. 5. This list is full of songs that you'll actually want to hear at your wedding. Crossed Arms – Partners facing each other or standing side by side join their left hands together and the right hands together; either right over left or left over right hands. Watch the John Waters film "Hairspray" (1988) for an example of kids dancing the Madison. Place – To put foot in a certain position without putting weight on it. Easy and popular line dances are the Cowboy Charleston, Tush Push and Barn Dance Mixer. Kumintang – moving the hand from the wrist either in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. Our Official Guidebook for COVID-19 Wedding Help. Dance Lesson Ideas of the Month. Most of the dances are done by pairs or couples. Dance is a great way to spice up your physical education unit! 2. It’s also the one that mortifies my teenagers the most when I perform it in public. As kids follow the moves on this YouTube-based dance challenge, they won’t even realize the’’re getting in a great cardio workout. Geographical location 2. Just assume a natural comfortable dancing companion. But that's a promise. See more ideas about dance, line dancing, country line dancing. To demonstrate the growth of Filipino culture through the evolution of Philippine dances. To foster patriotism and nationalism through the study of our dance. Dance with ease and smoothness. Sustained---- A slow, smooth flowing movement with a balance of movement throughout the entire series. Movement across, back and forth or around. Line dancing is a form of dance that takes place with a group of people. 15 Facilities Old Gym Grade College Unit or Theme Basic Line Dancing Skills # out of 1 lessons STUDENT PERFORMANCE OJECTIVES 1. No Excuses! This is an Ibanag term. Don’t make steps too elaborate and complicated. Related Pages Folk dances are traditional dances that people of a region or nation have in common. It is a composition that implies arrangement of parts into a form. To provide through dancing, a healthful form of relaxation and recreation. The following dance ideas may be helpful to those who want to teach dance and rhythmic movement in your physical education program. Suspended--- A sharp movement followed by a series of slow or prolonged movements until a peak is reached. There have been many popular line dances through the years, including “Boot Scooting Boogie” and “Copperhead Road.” Both of these dances go with a specific song. Line dancing doesn't have to be to country music; in fact, a lot of the group dances that are performed at weddings or other functions are considered line dances, even if they don't necessarily require that the dancers stand in a line while dancing. Ask students if they can name a country singer, group or song. Name of Activity: Create-A- Line Dance. Level—is movement through space that maybe done at a high, low, or medium level. Each step is danced at the same time along with all the other dancers. 1) There are many benefits when it comes to teaching dance in PE. National – traditional dances of a given country. Practice correct dancing position even without a partner. It is an act of moving rhythmically and expressively to an accompaniment. Range—refers to the area covered as the body moves. But line dances definitely don't deserve the bad reputation they've gotten over the past couple of years. In a line dance, an entire group or line of dancers performs synchronized movements. Although relatively simple in choreography, the line dance quickly gained popularity with young children in dance studios as well as young adults in nightclubs. READ MORE. Line dances are usually choreographed steps set to country music country or other popular music and done in a line formation. Dance in a natural, simple and direct manner. ), the physical literacy (confidence, competence and creativity) and how it helps the kids out socially. Also, once your students’ know the steps – these dances are great for a PE warmup or instant activity before you get into a lesson. These activities, assessments, and bulletin board ideas we’ve compiled from PE Central will help make sure you and your group are movin’ and dancing like pros! Develop a balanced and well-coordinated body. They are a fun way to let the students experience a small part of another culture and introduce structured dance. The Soulja Boy line dance became wildly popular after the 2007 release of the song "Crank Dat" by the artist Soulja Boy. Step pattern—refers to the movement or movements done for each of the dance steps. Keeping students interested in physical education can be a difficult task. Point – Touch the floor lightly with the toes of one foot, weight of the body on the other foot. What Does Quality Physical Education Look Like? Do-si-do – Partners advance forward, pass each other’s right ( left ) side, step across to the right move backwards without turning around, pass each other left side to proper places. Follow directions and dance instructions as closely as possible. The Wobble is my very favorite line dance. Find mutual topics of interest for conversation, never gossip. Jun 18, 2020 - Explore Mary Anglin UNFINISHED FABRIC 's board "SENIOR LINE DANCES", followed by 370 people on Pinterest. 4. This year I teach a 4K class once a week on a stage in the theatre at our school, since the gym is double booked with another PE … As a PE teacher with no dance training, I was one of those teachers who was intimidated by the thought of teaching dance to my students. First, I LOVE to dance. Everyone dances alone, side by side, facing the same direction in lines or rows..... Each dance consists of a sequence of steps that are repeated throughout the music. Don’t lean forward or backward. In my opinion, line dances are more relevant than some other options you might be considering like square dancing or folk dancing since there’s a higher probability that kids will see the song again sometime. Do’s in Folk Dancing 1. Dance----- refers to movement set to music where there emerges organization, structure and pattern. Students will be able to define what line dancing is. No weight on the heel. Everyone knows a few line dances from weddings, school dances, and other formal events, and line dances are simple and easy. Character – created by individual or group. A line dance is a choreographed dance with a repeated sequence of steps in which a group of people, who are not in physical contact with each other, dance in one or more lines or rows without regard for the gender of the individuals, all facing either each other or in the same direction, and executing the steps at the same time to the beat of the music. As part of the coursework, I took one dance class (ballroom/folk dance). Develop skills necessary for recreational enjoyment. Intensity—variation of stress of movement. Participants line up in rows and execute the same movements in a synchronized manner. For a graceful dancing, always turn your toes out, not in. Feet apart are not a pretty sight. Line dancing is the perfect activity to excite guests. Purpose of Activity: This lesson serves as an assessment demonstrating students' understanding of the processes, principles, and structure of line dance. Rumba      4. Samba      3. Plus Just Dance features all their fave musical artists. Customs and traditions. Chad has lots of … Cha-cha      2. Everyone dances alone, side by side, facing the same direction in lines or rows..... Each dance consists of a sequence of steps that are repeated throughout the music. Line dances were a big part of this movement. By using dance as a teaching tool, these […] Participants line up in rows and execute the same movements in a synchronized manner. To arouse better appreciation of Philippine music and folk dances. Shocking, we know. Meter—the regular recurrence of beats which divides a musical design into measure. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAILY LESSON PLAN Name_Amy Mayhall & Natalie Svoboda Date March 25th, 2013 School Concordia Class Time 11:10 A.M. Class Size Approx. Paso doble      5. Note: You can also purchase my Line Dances in PE Dance Steps E-Book Here, if you want to get steps for my favorite dances that I teach students as warmups and intro activities. Do not teach your partner on the dance floor. Climatic conditions 4. Line dancing is a form of dance that takes place with a group of people. Arms in lateral position – Both arms are at one side either right or left, at shoulder, chest or waist level. Floor Pattern—the path or design that is made while moving in space is what is termed as floor pattern. Dancing is one of the easiest ways to get your body moving … and grooving. This is especially true in the case of larger classes, limited equipment, and a wide range of student abilities. 3.