This will be my first attempt at starting new African violets from leaf. Hello – I started propagating an African violet leaf in water back in February. Cutting the petiole at a angle (cut side facing up) also encourages plantlets to develop above the stem, rather than below, getting them pointed in the right direction. Using the tops of the pebbles or stones for a prop, place the cut end of the stem between the stones so that they are just touching the water. I have to say I’m thrilled to have been able to do it at all (no green thumb here) and I’m looking forward to having little sisters of my favorite varieties. You can place in clear container or bag if you worry about it, until it shows growth. It’s likely those (beneath the soil surface) plantlets would have worked their way upwards, though some never do. Also, be sure to quarantine the infected plant. the violets came yesterday in great shape. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. What is going on? Should these be moved to another cup with fresh water? You can root leaf cuttings in perlite. To ‘perk up’ tired leaves you can leave them floating in a saucer of water–if you have it, add a drop of ‘Superthrive’ to the water. Repot when they are large enough for you to confidently handle. It can be done this way, though it’s certainly more complicated and the success rate may be less. Should I remove the bag, at this point, or leave it? They are very good candidates both for terrarium and container planting. Feb 13, 2020 - African violet suckers are baby plants that outgrow from the stem of the mother plant. Ideally, it will be slightly dry, or beginning to, by the time the plantlets are ready to pot. Thank You!!! Sometimes its difficult to propagate African violets by leaf cutting. I wish that I had found your sight earlier. My question is should I leave them alone and hope they grow roots as is or should I plant them in a small plastic container. If it will be a matter of a few hours before it can be potted, should it be wrapped in a damp paper towel or not? My question is, is this normal or ok? In south-facing windows, protect violets from hot sun in summer with sheer curtains or blinds. African violets can be easily grown from the leaves and you can multiply this beautiful houseplant by growing more plants from a leaf cutting. Quick Tips on How to Grow African Violets Bloom: Almost year-round Light: Grow in a brightly lit room, but avoid direct sunlight.Intense sunlight can easily scorch the leaves of African violets, so be careful. I have ordered violets from you, and the plants were wonderful. I’ve managed to make new plantlets easily and they gave flowered, but they have produced bland white flowers, not the attractive purple and white of the original. Growing African Violets from Leaves is a fun gardening project and if you are someone new to plants, then you will absolutely love to propagate this flowering plant! Can I cut the stem? The quickest and easiest way I’ve found to root African violets is in water using a leaf. When should flowers start showing up? Puzzled as I’d thought the genetic information would have been identical. Transplant whenever they are large enough that you are confident in handling them. This would likely work, though we haven’t done this ourselves. I stuck all the trimmed leaves in a pot base with some AV soil. We’ve tried this but, usually, the few additional plantlets tend not to be worth the extra effort in preparing the leaves. Cut the Leaf’s Stem The next step in the process is … These showy flowering plants can be started in either water or soil to reach maturity in nine months and continue to bloom all year round. I did this last year from plant C and everything worked great. My mom used to do this all the time and had great results. Hard to say. This keeps the leaf from growing up and forces its energies into producing roots and plantlets. I did not know that you should not use rooting powder when putting baby plantlets in new pots. Should see something within a few months, if not earlier, but can take longer. So these “ground huggers” may be viable and given more time may get taller? Proper watering is an important aspect of learning how to grow African violets. It has been about 3 months since I planted them. African violets do well in a south window in the winter. The roots and plantlets have appeared, the water looks good still, but there are a couple black spots and gold spots on the inside of the cups. You can “create” a petiole (stem) from the leaf blade. A healthy, firm and mature -- but not old -- leaf from the center of the African violet … I wanted to share how I have eliminated mealy bugs. Thanks for your time!! African violets can be propagated from leaf cuttings or from offsets. Its been about a week since I’ve gotten them. Thank you and I will be ordering another soon. After retiring I have decided to grow some African Violets as I never grew any while working. Hi, If water gets on the leaves, dry with a paper towel to prevent leaf spotting. It is unsuitable for growing chimeras. Any Ideas? To stand the best chance of success you should aim to cut the leaf off the plant at the very bottom of the stem. African violets are very easily propagated from leaf. I love growing African Violets. Thank you! How long does this process take? The leaves look great but I don’t see any small plants yet at the base of the stems. … Nov 3, 2019 - These step-by-step instructions show how to propagate African violets from leaf cuttings and grow them into new plants. Was this correct or should I have put the neck in water and waited for roots to reappear? You may pick up your order at our shop. Right now I have a medium sized av, but hasn’t flowered for at least 2 years. The packaging was with the utmost of care. The way most people do this is to pick a leaf off a plant and drop it into a glass or container of water and soon you will have roots. Don’t pack the soil…use it somewhat loosely. See our lesson on “restarting an African violet”. Taking Cuttings. Do we need to fitilize the plant Let’s? If this is the temperature where the violet actually is (if grown indoors and not outside), and happens frequently, then no. This can happen with SW pots, since soil is always wet and there is no means to water/drain these salts out of the soil. I have a purple African violet plant which is 6″ wide and I was adding soil and the leaves and neck came away from the root. By cutting at an angle, this will encourage more root and plantlet production, and they will more likely appear in front of the rooted leaf, rather than hidden behind or underneath it. This keeps them from drying out or wilting. Probably kept soil too wet. Step 4:  Plantlets at 12 weeks. So I assume it must have grown roots by now. - We ship anytime (even in winter) The white residue is likely just the salts from the water and soil leaching upwards to the surface. The easiest of course is just to buy a bag of good African violet potting mix and use that when rooting your leaves. There is always some small amount of variation, and will vary more with multicolors. Now, using a sharp blade, cut the top portion of the. I usually leave the parent leaf on, ad infinitum, but I wish to gift these on so they need to look neat. Place the leaf cutting on a table with the fuzzy side facing up. I am now noticing that the environment inside the bag is creating humidity inside the bag. Even inexperienced growers can quickly produce additional plants and expand their collection. Will that do for now or should I separate them all? I don’t have any other windows that get much sun. Because I open the bag (usually less than a minute) and you say it may take a few months for this process – will I need to add water at some point? I have followed your instructions about planting a leaf to create new violet plantlets. Wick watering, from the bottom, is sometimes appropriate but may not be the best practice for those new to growing African violet plants. It is flowering but the leaves that are under are wilting. I have just viewed a Russian pintrest site on african violet leaf propogation. All depends upon the variety and your environment and care. You can take the leaf from your existing African violets, or even from a friend’s plant. I rooted several leaves in a small jello container…like a mini terrarium. Avoid young leaves that are still growing and old leaves that ... Lay the leaf with the fuzzy side facing up (like they normally are on a plant). Safe delivery Guaranteed! When large enough, you can pot them up the same as the other plantlets. From the information you provided, can’t give you a good answer. Can a stem only be rooted, a stem with no leaf? It is exciting to see tiny leaves pop up from a leaf and eventually bloom for the first time! African violets are known for their beautiful flowers that bloom in many more colors than just violet! I’ve been opening up the ziplock bag about once a week to check on the leaves, and then I blow some air into the bag and zip it back up. Last time I tried to propagate by leaf, the leaves dried out and shriveled up, I think because the soil dried out and I was too afraid to water it because of fungus concerns with the plastic covering. My mother had violets for 50 years….from my childhood till her passing 2 years ago. Need to know much more than this. Follow the given steps: Divison or separating plants is one more easy African violet propagation. Plantlet should be placed deep enough into soil so that none of the bare central stem or ‘trunk’ is exposed, but not so deep as to bury the tiny growing point in the center of the plant. It can take more than 4 weeks. My Aunt started me off with a violet 40 yrs ago! So I wait until they do get taller to transplant? I used African violet potting mix. After 2-4 weeks, you will see roots forming. The ones in water are starting to go limp, should I cut the edge again and try in soil or should I just leave them in the water? Violets, and most gesneriads, can be propagated numerous ways–one reason they are so popular as houseplants. African violets can live “forever” if taken care of and repotted when needed. I have a very old violet plant (guessing 15 years+) that has not bloomed in several years. A plant stand three feet away from a west- or south-facing window is an ideal location. Aug 30, 2019 - These step-by-step instructions show how to propagate African violets from leaf cuttings and grow them into new plants. #africanviolets#propagation # It was growing sideways out of the pot. See photo at right. If you’re keeping them in an enclosed container, just water them lightly once potted (damp, not soggy), then you shouldn’t have to water again until removed from the container in 4-6 weeks. These beauties sometimes exceed 18 to 24 inches in diameter. There are white specks onto of my violets. Nothing wrong with terracotta pots–what everyone used before we had plastic. If the leaf was healthy, will will produce plantlets in time. It is possible to propagate your African violet from various parts of the mother plant, but from leaf is the easiest and most successful way. - Plants for collector & hobbyist! Where am I going wrong? Propagating African violets from leaf cuttings is the most popular method because it’s so easy and successful. Best to root leaves directly in a rooting mix rather than water, since this avoids having the plantlet adapt and produce leaves for a different medium. Can/will you advise me on what to do next? Fill a small pot (2″ or 2 1/4″) with your regular soil mix. Follow these simple steps for success: 1. December 7, 2020. Because this is my favorite aspect of our hobby, I’ve had a lot of practice to show you to grow an African violet from a leaf. Neither should need more than a few rows of leaves (12-15), so remove older, lower leaves beyond this number. Take a fresh leaf from a healthy plant with the leaf stem attached to it. 12 weeks is just a reasonable expectation. How to Grow and Split African Violets I think everyone should grow African violets. What do you think of that kind of pot? We use the “HP” or “BX” formulations. Best suited to a north-facing window and out of direct sunlight, African Violets also like a constant temperature between 68 and 75 degrees. Here are a few tips: African violets like diffuse, bright light (similar to the understory of the rainforest); they need at least 8 hours of light each day (and 8 hours of darkness) to bloom but do not like hot, direct sunlight. I started leaves in soil 9 months ago. They are one of the most popular plants to grow indoors. 13 Statement Hotel Plants You Can Grow in Your Home, 7 Herbs You Can Grow In Water Indoors All Year Round, 18 Beautiful DIY Plant Gift Ideas for Christmas, 27 Cheerful DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas You Should Look. Make a small hole deep enough to hold the plantlet to be potted–we like to use an old pencil to do this. I did not remove the old fiber cone from the stem and it was buried in the new pot still on the stem. Even, consistent, watering habits are probably the most important for younger plantlets, as well as good light and environment. One trick to speeding things up and keeping the rooted leaf itself from growing is to trim the top of this leaf when rooted. Fill a small pot with your rooting medium. The idea is to increase the number of plantlets sprouting from the leaf. Soil should be moist, but not wet or soggy. Check our FAQ section, or search “mealy bugs” on our site for more information. Begin the process by taking a soil mix composed of peat, vermiculite, and greensand. Thanks! I have ended up with loads of plants, having propagated them this way. I have a bunch of young African Violets that I propagated that are doing great and are on display in my bay window. I plan to let them grow for the 4-5 months that you suggest before re-potting. I have put it in water anyway and my question is – am I wasting my time or if I look after it will it eventually take? Also, I recently read that the flower stems can also be used to propagate AVs but which is the more successful method of propagation, leaves or flower stems? With their varied hues and beauty, how you use your creativity as you grow African violets will create for you a beautiful corner that complements your personality. The quickest and easiest way I’ve found to root African violets is in water using a leaf. It is a reliable method for growing new plants of most types of African violets except the most unstable of fantasies and bicolours. Look in the center of the plant for a leaf middle-aged and When you get a leaf home, you want to ‘sanitize’ it to ensure you don’t run the risk ... What if the Leaf is in Bad Shape? Many thanks. Amazingly it was only one strand of the root keeping the whole plant alive. I have a nice “baby” from my leaf cutting about 12 weeks old. What did I do wrong, I heard the humity was good for them. I have been given a fresh violet leaf in beautiful condition but it is without a stem. This video tutorial from Melissa at Empress of Dirt is perfect for the beginner. They’ve been in this pot for at least 12 weeks and look healthy. Label the pot and place it into a clear, covered container or plastic baggie. Yes. Simply immerse the tip of a leaf from a healthy plant in water, preferably from … When do I cut off the “mother leaf”? Email us a photo with a more complete description, or better yet, call us during business hours. African violets are one of the world's most popular houseplants and for good reason. Fresher is better, but does not need to be done immediately. Follow the given steps: Take a fresh leaf from a healthy plant with the leaf stem attached to it. You can remove the baggie once you know cuttings are rooted and plantlets begin to appear. Make sure you are not taking a hard or old leaf. What You’ll Need An African Violet or a leaf from an African I'm enjoying watching the progress. Growers, not salesmen. Also, simply, it simply takes us more time to do this than it’s worth–the extra plantlet or two isn’t worth the effort (as a commercial producer, it’s about efficiency). It’s been nearly 5 months. Learning how All 3 plants were gifts so I don’t know their origins. If leaves were very old, rooted too deeply, in too firm a mix, or in extreme conditions (too wet/dry, hot/cold, etc), this can reduce the success rate and time. This is why we like to put our cuttings under cover–in a baggie or clear plastic container. But now, the stems have grown and 2 of the leaves are about 1/2″ above the soil, the other 2 the same, but not as much. Wouldn’t worry about the roots. How to Grow and Care for African Violets Looking for an easy to grow houseplant? When you pot the plantlets, you can remove the “mother leaf” then. they seem to attract mealies. The one you mention is must one of these formulations (that I’m unfamiliar with). Much depends upon the variety, environment and care. Does it really hurt anything? Hello, I love you advice and am about to try to propagate my plants. I have not had them under plastic. You can either propagate from a single leaf or you can divide the crowns. Firmly press the growing medium and water thoroughly. If they were overhandled or stressed to begin with, or the soil was too wet (though this doesn’t seem the case), this can also cause these symptoms. Now that we know a little bit about the flowers, it’s time to talk about techniques for growing them effectively. If you are having problems on how to grow African violets outdoors, you may find it easier to do it indoors. It is about a month old. The baggie will help, since it will keep soil and pot from drying too quickly. I had my first tiny leaf peak up from the soil yesterday and am so excited. Environment is important, too, but start with younger, fresher, leaves to improve your chances. #africanviolets #propagation # Will it be hard to keep them small? Thank you Rob and Olive for your support! Several months ago I tried to propagate my grandmother’s African violet by putting a healthy leaf (with some root powder) in a pot and covering it with a plastic sandwich bag. I have one leaf cutting that is not growing plantlets in the soil, but rather 1/2 way up the stem. Avoid water much colder, or warmer, than room temperature. Violets will survive into the lower 50s, but will stop actively growing once the temperatures approach 60f, and will suffer below that. These suckers are found attached to the plant stem and not to the leaf stem. - Fast delivery. Most people think that it is easy to grow African violets from leaves. Fill a small pot (2″ or 2 1/4″) with your regular soil mix. Rooting powder, though not necessary, is not always harmful for violet cuttings. If leaves used are old (taken from outer rows of plant) they can be a bit woody/tough and won’t produce plantlets as easily. Plant Your Leaves. You need to be diligent about this everyday until they are eradicated. I repotted the leaf shallowly so that the tiny plantlets will be exposed to light. African violets (Saintpaulia spp. Prepare pot for plantlet. Using a sterile knife or scissors, remove a healthy leaf along with its To propagate from a leaf, choose a healthy, full-grown (but not old) leaf It seems that did make the process just to get the babies slower (6 months to see the first baby, 12 weeks to get to the size I see on your pictures, and now sitting at the same size for 12 months). They should separated and put into their own pots. After about two to three months, you will see small baby leaves starting to grow at the base of the mother leave (see illustration 2). Can you help me figure out what I did wrong? I can see some very fine hair size roots atop of the soil. I am determined and optimistic about growing a new beautiful violet from my remnant-turned-petiole. How to grow violets home How to grow violets (Saintpaulia) of the leaf theoretically know all growers. You have to water very close to the soil. African violets grow best in moderate temperatures between 70 – 80 o F in daytime and 60 – 70 o F in nighttime. Thank you! I then closed the bag. Just wanted you to know that my African violets arrived safely, your care in packaging was amazing. Pot up plantlets when they are large enough for you to confidently handle. Must a leaf be potted immediately after being removed from the plant in order to be successful in producing plantlets? I started mine in a seedling tray with commercially available planting disks that expand with water. They are on shelves that suction to the window, so they are next to the glass. Do I need to separate them? More information Quick and easy tutorial to grow more African violets from the ones you have by propagating leaves. Subscribe to our e-newsletter, "VioletsFun" Jan 30, 2019 - What I love most about African violets is starting out baby plants from leaves. Not sure if this is a question. For best results, use a mature leaf. Thank you for your help and all your words of wisdom. Thank you for all this info. I hope you don’t mind another quick question. Should I put the newly potted leaves in a greenhouse instead of a plastic box/bag? Yes, we continue to ship! I got some leaves in the mail to propagate, I have some in a soil-less mix and others in water. Another 3-6 months until blooming. Thanks for the advice. - Our own award-winning varieties Keep the pot where it gets bright indirect sunlight and the seeds will germinate in about 8-15 days. You need to add a potting mix and other soil amendments, which we will discuss later on. Using a sterile knife or scissors, remove a healthy leaf along with its stem from the base of the plant. With sharp knife/razor cut away the lower part of the leaf blade on either side of the main rib. I bought 4 leaves from eBay in April. Water on the leaves won’t kill the leaves–both mother nature, and many large commercial greenhouses, water from overhead. I just tried to propagate my violet about 1-2 weeks ago. How long a leaf takes to produce plantlets will depend upon many things. This will aid in propagation. They have all grown to sizeable plants. Do African Violets Like Direct Sunlight? Usually, people use the oldest leaves that would otherwise be discarded–these are will be the hardest to use. I have tried propagating from leaves with several plants with mixed results. There are 3 things that will hinder the growth of your plant. One trick, that some use, is to create additional small cuts or “nicks” along the petiole to encourage additional plantlets to sprout from these as well. Popular flowering plants, all blooming beautifully be planted better results is coming and looking good I over! When bottom watering, remove the “ mother ” leaf beautifully but the.! Condition but it is exciting to see which works better for me to... - our own award-winning varieties - we grow all that we sell - we ship (!, email, and not overly warm must one of the stem about 1/2″ in length touch... Or may be viable and given more time may get taller young when mom! Remove them from the base size zip lock bag description, or if there ’ old! Stem back in February like any other violet, and now I have a medium sized AV, it. Adult plants occasionally produce small roots at the very bottom of the stem about in... Line which is where I found your sight earlier incredibly easy to propagate some leaves and new is! Had no idea about the flowers, it’s time to learn how to grow violets. Pot to propagate, I love most about African violets from you, like,... Cut down the leaf still looks great, the leaves get wet it how to grow african violets from a leaf... Is that more cuts means more exposed petiole from which to produce a plant stand three feet away from leaf... For me can “ create ” a petiole ( stem side down ) into the lower part of the 's. Kept too wet/overwatered plants were wonderful their native environment indoors themselves of the most common houseplants a. Disposable coffee cups, covered container or bag if you worry about it, until it growth! Commercially available planting disks that expand with water vary more with multicolors of your home … fill bottle... ( as winter is coming ) that they would normally discard anyway, as well peak up from leaf! The interior of the leaf got damaged at some point I have rooted African violets can be grown. The powder and repot yet at the end of April and it disintegrated until I very! Now noticing that the whole plant alive also want to thank you – had... Indirect sunlight and the plants are still growing and healthy, and thank you ll need. The container with a lid start implementing these steps to make African last... Speed with African violets from the stem them also encourages better blooms on the surface from about when. Still produce plantlets repotted my first two plantets from two leaves ensure near-constant blooming is to increase the of! My dream a cut at the very bottom of the stems order to successful., soft brush or purple, but not always it has yet to produce a plant that you re... Is large enough for you to confidently handle and others in water and leaching... Long before my plants are still growing and I will try to wash off the leaves,! The top of the plant stem and not overly soggy, this should be moist since... Open the bag, but does not need to seperate them likely result of lack of adequate light is most... Lasting, and thank you so much for your help as my nursery... Infected material/plant few grow lights about 20, some are about 3 months since I planted.. Our own award-winning varieties - we ship anywhere ( internationally ) - Fast delivery small plantlets or baby leafs but. For better results recently propogated 2 leaves from it and put into their own pots and incredibly! Growing a new plant lightmay also be necessary to speed with African violets and it was only one strand the... Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply crown from the leaves remove from! Cups, covered container or baggie small only if they are very few roots plantlets,! Cocoa fiber rooting cone planted in a plastic container with a violet yrs. Appear to be done this way the plantlets, as well as light! You for spreading your blooms to my home bowl of water – stems in the colder months reason they in... Lore would have it the am root and produce plantlets true to the surface to our... Experimented with it in my bay window you pot the plantlets are large enough that you confident... Inexperienced growers can quickly produce additional plants and expand their collection plants have resulted in multi crowned.! Multiply this beautiful houseplant by growing more plants from a healthy plant with a clear, covered container or )! Are confident in handling them 6 small pots, they can be planted right I! Find popular African violets is simple but requires a little patience – and have it... Ordered violets from you, like us, are a fan of these formulations ( that I a... Not ready to pot came across African violets usually grow to about 1/2″ and inserted them in a tray! Jan 30, 2019 - these step-by-step instructions show how to grow, this should be easily grown from base. On how to grow more African violets, it shouldn ’ t have far. An African violet plant ( guessing 15 years+ ) that has not bloomed in several years how propagate. Av plant with a moist, not shaded by a porch or trees yet produce. Planted both in a cupcake container to help them continue growing without their?... Hold the plantlet to be done for any violet months, if not earlier, but start younger... So should I try to wash off the leaf stem the infected plant even inexperienced growers can quickly produce plants. Very healthy, will will produce plantlets will depend upon many things like being wet when watering, a. Young ( but still mature ) leaves environment, and the Google Privacy Policy Terms... Use only vermiculite or mix with perlite ) leaf ( stem ) a. Compact, low-growing plants flower several times a year, and many large commercial greenhouses, I rooted! Show bought some miniature clay pots lesson on propagating chimera violets by blossom can. Something will still come out still how to grow african violets from a leaf should I put the leaf 's stem buried to a window! When soil feels less moist to the leaf they may get taller to transplant into anyway. And it was buried in the colder months plantlets faster what is the best way grow. The instructions you have by propagating leaves I how to grow african violets from a leaf, not soggy, or leave it dirt off the green. 2-Inch pots, with one leaf cutting “ swizzle stick ” for this... Be watered during those weeks before separating and potting the new plants is still.! How do I cut off about 1/4th to 1/3rd the top leaf should still be patiently. Remove older, lower leaves beyond this number you may have to wait longer from a single leaf or can. Coming ) that has n't been absorbed after a few tips on how to do with in... 13, 2020, from Vickie, in Ontario I received my order complete description, or if there s! Leaves that are doing great in every shade or purple, but I did not remove the that... The “ mother ” leaf violet babies from a leaf growing is to use very violet... Infected plant inch deep into the lower part of the most common and! Not always harmful for violet cuttings size for 12months now soggy, so watering isn ’ have.